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Real Action Hunting Products is located in Lawson, Missouri, and was founded by Scott Hand, Josh Romazon and Jason Parks. Scott, Josh and Jason have a passion for hunting and wanted to turn that passion into a career. They met at Cornerstone Baptist Church in 2005 and became instant hunting buddies.


Scott designed the original Fast Strike blind system three years ago and the team has been testing it in the field ever since. Every part of the blind system is a result of many hours in the field trying to achieve perfection for you the hunter.





  • Lightweight design so that you can pack it in, move as needed and pack it out easily.


  • Ability to improve your other blinds (pop-up blinds, permanent blinds, layout blinds, etc.) by naturally eliminating their profile.


  • Versatile enough to use any season from big game to waterfowl, which saves hunters their hard earned dollars.


  • Use of the bungee system holds cover in place for mobility, and allows the hunter to add or exchange cover with ease.


Their goal is to create innovative, high-quality products that serve the needs of hunters everywhere. To get in touch with Jason, Scott or Josh, please use our contact us form.

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